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A personal letter is hard to make and the PersonalLetter.net helps me with the process. A letter is very important to me and this is the reason why I avail online service. The time I have the help of the site, they never fail in delivering what I want.

Augusto, Philippines

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Writing a Personal Letter With Our Service

Writing a personal letter with our service is something you should try out and get to learn the difference between our personal letter writing service and other service providers. Get started here right away.

Writing a personal letter

If you are writing a personal letter to a business partner and you have a personal letterhead, make use of it. Or if you just want your letter to look more professional, you can design a letterhead on a word processing program. Otherwise simply write or type your full home address at the top of the letter, justified to the left. Write your street address on the first line, and your city, state and Zip code on the second line. If you have written address first, make two hard returns or leave a few spaces, then write the date. Otherwise, start with the date first, justified to the left. Make sure you write the date in full. If you are sending a semiformal or informal letter via email, there is no need to add the date – the email will be time stamped.

Writing personal letters

When writing personal letters to a formal recipient, make two hard returns after the date, or leave a few spaces, and write out the full name and title of the person you are writing to. On the second line, write the name of the company or organization. Write the street address on the third line, and the city, state and zip code on the fourth line. If you are doing an email, then there is no need of doing all the aforementioned formalities. The above doesn’t also apply to semi formal or informal handwritten letters. Writing the name and address on the envelope is sufficient. If you are writing personal letters as an inquiry and you have no contact person, simply name, the company or organization and give its address. Writing personal letters with us is what you should start doing from now henceforth.

Writing personal letter

Writing personal letter has just gotten interesting because you are doing it with us. Get moving.

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