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How to Write a Readmission Letter Correctly

A letter for readmission is a common yet complex letter to write. The complexity of a readmission application letter or application letter for readmission in school stems due to the fact that it can make or break a former student’s future. The reason is that this kind of letter is a written appeal to go back to school. For someone who will write an application for readmission, there are important elements to be noted. First, the reason must be clearly stated by the letter writer. It should answer questions such as why and when you would like to return to school.

Another element in the difficulties of how to write a readmission letter or how to write an appeal letter for nursing school is the ability to persuade. Being an appeal letter, you must be able to let the reader put themselves in your shoes. They must understand your situation and why they should approve of you returning. A letter of readmission for cases such as suspension would also need strong evidence. The letter writer should be able to dig deeper into the root cause of the problem. An inquisitive mind is needed to be able to ask, why was the student suspended?

help with readmission application

Having a good explanation will persuade the school that the dismissal had a reasonable cause. Unfortunately, the explanation does not stop there. The readmission letter format should also include how the appeal will go moving forward. It should be able to let the school feel secure that the problem will not happen again and that the student is very much serious with their education.

Letter for Readmission: Different Types

Now that we have discussed letter for readmission, let us talk about their types. There are two main kinds of readmission which are readmission due to voluntary departure and readmission due to involuntary dismissal.

  • Readmission Application due to Voluntary Departure. One will write an application for readmission for this type when it is the student’s decision to leave school. There is a variety of reasons why students choose to leave school.  The first is due to medical reason. Having a critical illness needing daily therapy or hospitalization would prevent a student from going to school. Along with that, medical treatments can be costly and a financial burden may arise. Going to college or university may leave a big hole in the pocket. No matter how much a person tries to juggle different jobs, money would still not be enough due to the high cost. Personal reasons such as migration may also occur. A student may have migrated temporarily in another country due to the work of the parents. After one semester, the student may have come back and want to return to school. Such situations are understandable but would still need a clear explanation which is mandatory in a readmission letter format.
  • Readmission Application due to Involuntary Departure. Due to its nature, how to write a readmission letter for this type is more complex. The main reason is that it was the school’s decision to dismiss the student. It may be due to suspensions such as intolerable behavior or failing grades. A good readmission application letter will be able to explain and dig down the cause of the problem of the dismissal. The readmission letter format emphasized the need to provide evidence and show a willingness to change for the better for the school’s security that such dismissal will not occur again.

sample letter for readmission

How to Write a Readmission Letter

Students who have withdrawn or been suspended from school are often allowed to return to the school at a later date. This usually requires that they write an application for readmission to the appropriate school authorities. It is important that the letter for readmission or sample letter of reapplication to previous company be written correctly, especially for those students who have been suspended for academic or other reasons. The following are the steps in how to write a readmission letter:

  • Check the school’s website for any specific requirements before you start to work on your readmission application.
  • Make sure you format the letter correctly. If the school doesn’t have specific formatting requirements, use a standard business format.
  • Open your letter by stating the reason you are writing and why you were suspended or why you voluntarily stopped school
  • In the second paragraph explain in a clear and concise manner the reasons that led to your suspension or withdrawal from the school.
  • In the third paragraph include why you would like to be readmitted to school, any steps you have taken to justify the school accepting you back that demonstrate your commitment and assurance that whatever problems have caused you to leave or be suspended have been resolved and won’t happen again.
  • Thank them for their consideration in reviewing your application for readmission.

Suggestions to Improve Your Readmission Application

The following are some helpful suggestions you should keep in mind while writing your readmission application:

  • Don’t provide a long list of excuses or blame somebody for problems. Accept responsibility for your actions and decisions.
  • Provide examples of what you have done to resolve issues. If you had problems in a particular area maybe you took remedial classes. Any examples of things you have done that demonstrate you are sincere and committed to completing your degree can help.
  • In your closing include that you are aware the school doesn’t have to readmit you. This indicates a degree of maturity on your part.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors

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If you need an application letter for readmission in school or a readmission letter to the university, contact us for a professionally written letter that makes a compelling and convincing case for you being readmitted to school.

We know how to write a readmission letter that will make your readmission application easier. Just get in touch with our specialists today!