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Old School & Modern Personal Letter Writing: Your Road to a Dream Job

A long time ago people do not know how to create a really powerful and effective personal statement. They did a lot of mistakes and because of that reason, they can’t achieve their aim at all. Check out some main mistakes not to make at take a look at some professionally written tips to write your perfect personal letter!

What Is Personal Letter?

In the past personal letters were about writing letters to your loved ones but now universities and graduate schools ask for the personal letters, which are also called personal statements as well. When we talk about the personal letter writing it is important part of your application. In personal letter you get a chance to convince the admission committee that you are the most suitable candidate for the admission.

When you apply for the admission or for a job, nearly 95% of the candidates are from the same background, personal statement is the tool which is used to evaluate their abilities, other than their academic grades.

You can express your passion for the job or for the degree, you can express your writing abilities and you can tell them what difference you can make in their institution. So, you have to write a good personal statement, to secure your seat in this era of tough competition. If you are confused or need help, personal letter writing service is there to assist you.

How Personal Letter/Personal Statement Should Look?

Personal statement is not something new, it was written years ago. In the past, people were used to write very different statements. Personal statement writing was all about overusing cliché words, and quotes. It was written in passive voice and the larger part was about the extracurricular activities. Those personal statement were full of mistakes and error and there was no project subject.

Now, the time has changed, and everyone is facing a lot of competition in every field. Now a personal letter writer knows, if he will make a mistake in writing personal statement, he will lose his chance to get admission or job. The modern personal statement should be a comprehensive account of your research and experience. Your focus should be on your background, learning and motivation. You have to decide a particular area to apply and build your personal letter around that. Link your previous degrees with the one you are applying for. Make sure your personal statement is free from all kind of grammar and spelling mistakes. The personal letter should look like a perfect official document, which is reflecting your abilities and personality.

Top 10 Useful Tips for the Best Personal Letter Writing

If you need help writing personal statement, these tips can help you:

  • Divide the personal statement in paragraphs. It will be easier to read, and your statement will look organized.
  • The major focus should be on your academic interests but 25% should be allocated to extracurricular activities as well. A balance is very important particularly when you are writing a personal statement for a job.
  • Write a personal statement focusing on the area of your interest. Mention about the courses, expressing you have researched about the subject and you have required knowledge about it.
  • Be honest, whatever you write. Avoid telling lies and overexaggerating the things.
  • Show your enthusiasm and passion about the subject, it will convince admission committee.
  • Instead of telling the stories, narrate the incidents which show your character or abilities.
  • Mention your future goals and targets, related to this particular degree. University will be interested to know about your vision.
  • Don’t repeat the things which are already mentioned in your CV, rather talk about your achievement and interests.
  • Avoid talking negative, your tone should be positive and fresh.
  • The ending of the personal statement should be strong to make a long-lasting impression on the mind of reader.

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