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Writing Personal Statement

What Is Personal Statement Writing about?

writing personal statementA personal statement is your opportunity to introduce yourself, explain goals and convince a selection committee of your unique qualifications and abilities and why, if they miss taking you, they will have missed out on the best student to have been on the college. You may be asked to write a personal statement or a personal letter of reference  for a college application, a job or an internship, the format of writing them all is the same. Writing personal statements with us will make it easier for you to get the logic behind writing a personals statement.

Tell You Unique Story When Writing Personal Statement

When writing a personal statement, make sure that you are honest about your background and what motivates you. Don’t you ever try to lie to get yourself a chance? Lies don’t last. Don’t be afraid to be creative within reason. Tell your story in a way that is interesting and unique. You need to stand out. And always remember that a personal statement is not an academic style paper. Write it in a free style and express that deeper unique self you possess. It is this personal statement that will motivate the recruitment committee to want to meet you in person and interview you. Get them captivated and be the one to get the chance.

Personal Statement Writing Is Fun with Us

Personal statement writing will be fun if you choose to do it here with us. Our professional will advice you on the dos and don’ts when writing the personal statement. Avoid being a cliché. Instead of telling the committee that you would make an excellent lawyer because of your great respect for law and our justice system, show them how. Tell a story for example of how you stood up for street children who were being harassed by some rich tycoon and accused of stealing the side mirror of his car, yet the mirror had broken down two days ago and you were a witness to it. How you represented the street boys so well that the gathering that was trying to form due to the shouting of the tycoon, applauded you and told you that you can pass for a good lawyer – and that is how you start your dream for law.

Get in touch with us today so we can start your personal statement writing!