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Writing an Outstanding Personal Letter of Reference

A personal letter of reference is an important letter for an individual. There are different reasons why a letter of personal reference is created. The most common reason is due to employment. Imagine that you are a fresh graduate without any relevant work experience. How do you stand out in a crowd of resumes? Having a professional personal reference letter from teachers who know you well and your school ethic will help in making your profile noticed.

Another use in employment is when a friend tries out for a slot in an organization you are working for as a superior. The familiarity with how this person works plus letters of personal reference will give him/her a big edge among competitors. Another reason for writing a personal letter of reference is to prove good credit for an individual. By vouching for the person, you have trust that they will be able to pay a car or house loan. Joining exclusive organizations would also need a letter of personal reference.

personal letter of reference

Some clubs or organizations are very strict when it comes to applications for new members. There are certain criteria one must possess and having a reference will be a plus point in the selection process. In this type of letter, the benefit is mostly for the person being recommended. However, as the writer of personal letters of reference, the responsibility lies on being able to prove to the recipient that the person possesses good characteristics fit for what he/she is trying out for.

Write a Personal Letter of Reference Only on Someone You Know Well

When writing a personal letter of reference or a social personal business letter, it is important to know the person for whom you are writing well enough to discuss them. You then need to determine the kind of reference that you are providing, whether academic, character or employment. Once this is done, the letter generally takes the format of an opening statement, body and concluding statement and should be short and pertinent as possible. This and more is what you will learn if you continue using our online personal letter of reference services.

There are various situations that might prompt one to have to write a letter of personal reference. Some landlords require a letter of personal reference before they rent out their houses, many employers need both professional and personal reference letter for potential employees. A personal character reference is even often necessary on behalf of a person appearing in a court hearing. No matter the reason behind the letter of personal reference, the format of writing in general.

letter of personal reference

Here is some advice about it:

  • If in doubt, don’t commit. Writing a personal letter of reference should be for someone that you fully know. In the sense that you have worked directly for the person or the person was under you some point in their career. If the person was just a mere acquaintance, what can you say?
  • Be honest with facts. If the letter of personal reference contains sugarcoated or exaggerated details, then it would look unbelievable. Worse is that it may backfire on you and your friend when it would be found out that some details are lies to make the person look good.
  • Keep personal letters of reference with a personal touch. Try to add success stories of the person as this makes for more impressive letters of personal reference.
  • Always be on the same page with the person you recommend. Clarify details when there seem to be anything that seems vague.

personal letter of reference sample

Letter of Personal Reference: How to Start

When writing personal letters of reference or writing a good cover letter, it is good if it is done on a letterhead. The contact information should be included on the letterhead. The first line of the personal letters of reference should be your name and subsequent lines should include your address, telephone number and any other contact information you want to include such as an email or website. Type the current date in the first line beneath the letterhead and then press “enter” key twice. Type “To whom it may concern” and “enter” twice again. The body of the letters of personal reference should follow detailing how well you know the person you are referencing.

Get to learn more from these tips:

  • Find out from your referred friend to whom the personal letter of reference should be sent to. Having a specific name on the letter is a simple courtesy showing respect to the recipient.
  • Write the purpose of the letter of personal reference. Be specific that you are writing to recommend a friend or former colleague. Specify what position and company they are applying to.
  • Letters of personal reference should give the background of the nature of the relationship between the letter writer and the person being referred. Did the person work under you as a subordinate? Or were you on the same level? Stating what kind of relationship you had will let the receiver know the strength of the personal letters of reference.
  • The length of the relationship determines how well you know a person. A personal letter of reference to someone you have known for only five months may have less detail than someone you have known for five years.
  • List down the strengths and capabilities in a bullet point. Lengthy paragraphs can sometimes be hard to read. Having a list in a letter of personal reference is easy to read and captures details in a brief yet concise way.
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How to Write an Exceptional Letters of Personal Reference

One of the main purposes of a letter of personal reference is to give a lasting and good impression to a potential client or employer. Here are some ways to have an exceptional personal letter of reference:

  • The heading must follow a proper business format. Details should be specific such as your name, contact details, and the date. In turn, there should also be proper details for the employer.
  • The proper salutation should be followed in the personal letter of preference. As much as possible, get the recipient details so that you can address it to a specific person and not just a general statement such as “To whom it may concern”.
  • Identify the purpose of the letter which is to recommend a specific person. State how the two of you met such as being former colleagues in an organization, being a former boss or even being a mentor in a specific club. Showing the strength of the nature of the relationship is highly essential in letters of personal reference.
  • Show how long you know the person being recommended. It takes time to get to know someone deeply and working with or for a person in five years and still getting good commendations is a positive note.
  • Keep the personal letters of reference short but concise. Often, recipients of recommendation letters are busy people such as HR Managers or Company Directors. Making the personal letter of reference short would make it easier to read and approve.
  • Share success stories through personal encounters. People always love a personal approach and by going beyond the generic letter describing the strengths, why not state an actual story showing the exceptional performance of the recommended person. Every story is unique and it would make the letter of personal reference get a thumbs up of approval.

We have never disappointed a customer when it comes to writing personal letters of reference. We always give the clients the best tips to enable them to write personal letters of reference correctly, or we gather all the information needed and we do it for them correctly. Get on to using our services of writing personal letters of reference and see our personal letter example, from this minute henceforth and you will never regret ever having to contact us.

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