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What You Need to Know about Writing Personal Reference Letter

There are actually different kinds of personal reference letter. Before creating one, it is essential that you know the different personal reference letters so you know how to do it. The first one is a professional reference letter that is employment related. This means that you write a personal letters of reference for someone who is either applying for a job or for someone who wants to get to a better position.

Another type of letter is a personal character reference letter that is needed for academic. A student who wants to get into a particular program is often required to submit this kind of application letter. So, if you are writing a personal reference letter for this purpose, you need to be aware of specific elements that you should include in the letter. For instance, you should focus on the academic achievements of the student and how he or she performs in class.

The other one is a general reference letter where it is intended to just give a character reference. This one is used for various situations. For instance, this can be used for legal purposes or for a businessman needing a character reference letter. A person running for public office may also need this kind of letter. The content and the specific elements that you include in the letter vary depending on the kind of reference letter being asked from you. Knowing which type enables you to create a good and effective reference letter.
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Learn How to Write Personal Reference Letters

Knowing how to write a reference letter for someone includes reasons why the person you are referring is qualified, how they know you, and what exactly they can do. You can learn how to write a letter of reference from our experts here. When someone requests you to write a personal reference letter it can be quite challenging, not only should you be able to create a well-written personal reference letter, you should also be able to provide valuable information that can actually help the person requesting for the personal reference letter.

There are different ways when it comes to writing a personal reference letter. It just depends on your specific style. What at the end of the day, there are specific rules and elements that should be included in personal reference letters. Here are some valuable tips that you can use:

  • One of the very first things is to do is even before you say yes to a person, it is very important that you know what you are getting into. If you feel like you are no comfortable providing one, there is a polite way of declining.
  • But if you feel like you can do it, the next step is to focus on the format. Make sure that you follow a professional letter format especially if it is a professional reference letter.
  • When you know the format, you can focus on providing information and details about the person. Clearly explain how you know the person.
  • Provide positive statements and at the end of your letter, make sure that you provide your contact information.

writing professional reference letter

There are cases where writing a personal reference letter appears to be a really difficult task. You can always ask for a professional writing service company to help you. We are here to help our clients in various way possible. Contact us for more details.

How to Start Your Personal Reference Letter

When writing a personal reference letter, you begin with a salutation. You might as well skip formal salutation if you are writing a general personal reference letter. You could also use someone’s title if you so wish. On the first paragraph, you explain to the reader how you are connected to the person that you are writing about:

  • Have you worked with them?
  • Have you schooled with them?
  • How well do you know them?

You will also need to include some sentences about why you are qualified to make this reference. So show your credentials. The next paragraph makes sure you include the specifics of what you are writing about.

  • What about them that makes them qualified?
  • What will they be able to contribute to the company or the college?
  • Why are you confident enough in them that you are putting your reputation on the line by writing them this personal reference letter?

First Impressions matter. It is basically the same thing when you are writing a personal reference letter. The moment the reader takes the time to read the very first opening sentences of a personal reference letter come up he or she already knows what to expect. That is why it is very important that whether you are writing a professional reference letter or just any other personal reference letters, it is very important that you know the objectives of the person who is asking one from you and the specific details that you should be putting in the letter.

Start your letter with a nice greeting. You don’t want just to go straight to the point. It is always best if you can make the reader comfortable. Eventually, you can start the transition from introduction to the actual content of the reference letter.

What Professional Reference Letter Needs to Have

A personal letter of reference needs to have a summary. In the summary, this is where you sum up why you are referencing for the person. You just did this in more details in the previous paragraphs, but this is the part where you really grab the reader’s attention emotionally. So you will start off this part with “I, therefore, have no hesitation about recommending”, or “I highly recommend”. After the summary, a professional reference letter needs to have a conclusion.

Here, the reader receives a promise of more information if they contact the reference. So you will include your telephone number and possibly the email address. Get the facts right with our professional writers and get to write a professional reference letter that will pass out and give whoever you are referencing for, the chance he is yearning for.

When a person requests you to write a reference letter, it is very important that you know exactly how to make one, there are different kinds of personal reference letters from professional reference letter to character reference letter, they may be different but they all share the same elements and components that will make a winning reference letter.

  • In writing a personal reference letter, you need to have the right format, meaning there should be data, complete address, salutation, etc.
  • The personal reference letter should also include specific information and details about the person being recommended. For instance, you need to share how you are able to meet the person. Then, you can start providing information about the person, how he/she. You can also include achievements, credentials, and abilities of the person.
  • In addition, you should give an objective opinion as to why the person is suitable or fit for the program he is applying for if it is for academic purposes or for a particular job if it is a professional reference letter.
  • The content is valuable, but keep in mind it is also essential that the content is free from any form of error.
  • At the end of the personal reference letter, you need to provide your contact information.
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Writing Your Letter with Us

Do you need professional help when writing a personal reference letter? What a person request you to provide a personal reference letter, you are being interested in a very important document that can help the person land the job that he or she has always wanted or to get into a program. Unfortunately, writing personal reference letters do not appear to be as seamless and easy as they look like. From the right format to specific details that you should include, it is always best to ask for professional help since they know exactly what to put and how to write it.

  • We are a reliable and professional writing and editing service company that aims to provide only the best services to our clients.
  • If you are having a hard time writing a professional reference letter or even a character reference letter, we have a team of writers as well as proofreaders and editors who can help you create the best kind of content that will help the person you are recommending.
  • What makes us different from other writing service providers is that we do not trust create generic content. We want to make sure that in any personal reference letter, there is a personal touch and that it needs the specific requirements of the person.

For the best writing and editing services, please feel free to contact us or send us a message.

Work with our professionals to create the best personal reference letter!